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Economic Developers and Start-ups

Recently, an electric car manufacturing plant in Indiana closed only two years after state officials there gave the company tax incentives in order to lure 400 jobs to the region. This brought to mind several other examples I know of where state and local economic development officials have dealt with start-ups the same way they […]

Seed Capital Tax Credits Almost There — Need Your Help!

LD22 was voted Ought To Fund by the Appropriations Committee yesterday (June 23) and, since it has already been approved by both the House and Senate overwhelmingly, it now goes to the Governor’s desk. You probably also remember that this is a concept that the Office of Innovation has championed for several years without success […]

R&D Bonds Are Important for Maine

I’m not one to carry a lot of household debt, so I understand the concerns of many Mainers that state government is using bonds to purchase things that are wants, not needs. However, I believe in using debt for purchases that will benefit my family in the long run, like our house or education. Similarly, […]

If you are talking about We and They, They better be the competition…

Many years ago, I had a boss who had this saying on his wall. It made so much sense to me then. We were trying to integrate two separate operating units into a single company, and folks were We and They-ing all over the place. It really got in the way of what needed to […]

Maine is Exhibit One for McKinsey Report on Productivity

I recently had the opportunity to hear one of the authors of a new McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report entitled, Growth and Renewal in the United States: Retooling America’s Economic Engine, Lenny Mendonca, speak at a National Governor’s Association meeting. Lenny very eloquently set out the argument from this report. MGI argues that America needs […]

JumpStart and Entrepreneurial Support in Maine

A recent article in Crain’s Cleveland Business raises some questions about JumpStart, the entrepreneurial advocate and venture development organization serving Northeast Ohio. JumpStart has received a lot of national attention lately, including a new initiative announced by President Obama called JumpStart America. Critics of the organization, led by three entrepreneurs who have failed to secure […]

LD 22 Amending Maine’s Seed Capital Tax Credit

LD 22, “An Act to Improve the Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit,” is currently under consideration by the Joint Standing Committee on Taxation of the Maine State Legislature. This is the second attempt to get the Seed Capital Tax Credit amended in order to increase the availability of capital for fast-growing companies in Maine. Last […]