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Diversity, Inclusion and Innovation

A few weeks ago, I attended a conference in Nashville, TN. The meeting was instructive on several fronts. First is the resurgence in Nashville itself. The Mayor himself addressed our group and talked about the investments that the city made in a new convention center downtown, built during the recession. He reminded us that they […]

When Hope Gets in the Way

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the unveiling of the floating platform that will be the base of the first offshore wind turbine in the US. In a few weeks, the platform will be assembled with its tower and wind turbine and towed to the Penobscot Bay where it will be hooked to the […]

Leadership Required

A good friend recently asked me, “Why don’t you take the lead and have a statewide conversation about innovation?” I had no particular answer, except, “Been there, done that.” Afterall, in most states, the policy prescriptions for increasing the culture of innovation or building the innovation ecosystem or growing science and technology-based companies or whatever […]

Why aren’t there more scalable entrepreneurs in Maine?

Here’s my question. MassChallenge, the renowned accelerator for start-ups in Boston recently announced its 2012 class of entrepreneurs – 125 companies selected from an applicant pool of 1237 from 35 counties and 36 state. Now, I know that they have a $1 million prize, so that obviously brings out a lot of folks, but 90 […]

Innovation is the economic growth driver we’re looking for

Yesterday, I went to the annual breakfast at the University of Southern Maine to hear our resident economist, Charlie Colgan, talk about the economic outlook for 2012. I suspect that you have a similar event in your area. Charlie, who is not upbeat at the best of times, was very pessimistic, primarily because he didn’t […]

My Jobs Plan

Producing a Jobs Plan is all the rage these days. President Obama’s is due this Thursday; several Republican candidates for governor have put forth their own plans. Organizations from all across the political spectrum are weighing in, fueled by stalling job creation numbers, and panic in the stock market. What’s missing is a reasoned approach, […]

When Are We Going to Start Asking the Right Questions?

Thomas Friedman recently addressed the National Governor’s Association summer meeting in Salt Lake City. He was blunt. He said the American Dream is at risk if the country doesn’t adapt and reinvent itself to compete globally. He argued for continued investment in our nation’s infrastructure, and in government funded research that can drive innovation. Here’s […]

R&D Bonds Are Important for Maine

I’m not one to carry a lot of household debt, so I understand the concerns of many Mainers that state government is using bonds to purchase things that are wants, not needs. However, I believe in using debt for purchases that will benefit my family in the long run, like our house or education. Similarly, […]

Maine is Exhibit One for McKinsey Report on Productivity

I recently had the opportunity to hear one of the authors of a new McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report entitled, Growth and Renewal in the United States: Retooling America’s Economic Engine, Lenny Mendonca, speak at a National Governor’s Association meeting. Lenny very eloquently set out the argument from this report. MGI argues that America needs […]

LD 22 Amending Maine’s Seed Capital Tax Credit

LD 22, “An Act to Improve the Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit,” is currently under consideration by the Joint Standing Committee on Taxation of the Maine State Legislature. This is the second attempt to get the Seed Capital Tax Credit amended in order to increase the availability of capital for fast-growing companies in Maine. Last […]