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Innovation Isn’t Only for High-tech Businesses

In Maine, the legislature is currently debating slowing or eliminating an increase in the minimum wage enacted last year after a citizen initiative passed. Small businesses came to Augusta to argue that they couldn’t raise their prices, and so the increase in their labor costs was too high. For small businesses who sell products based […]

Are Rural Economies Terminal?

In December, the New York Times published an article about rural America that painted a bleak picture of declining populations, declining employment, increasing opioid addiction and death. The article suggested that the decline is inevitable and perhaps irreversible. “This is the inescapable reality of agglomeration, one of the most powerful forces shaping the American economy […]

How to Avoid Ugly Babies

One of the most difficult challenges in my business is when you have to tell a client that their baby is ugly. By that I mean, some clients get an idea in their head, and start telling people about it, and before you know it, the idea has a lot of traction and emotional support. […]

Leadership is the Single Most Important Thing

I get asked all the time, What is the single thing we could do to move Maine toward an Innovation Economy? In some ways, this is a great question because it is thought provoking, and forces you to think about how to prioritize actions. However, it’s also a dangerous question because it implies that there […]

Leadership Required

A good friend recently asked me, “Why don’t you take the lead and have a statewide conversation about innovation?” I had no particular answer, except, “Been there, done that.” Afterall, in most states, the policy prescriptions for increasing the culture of innovation or building the innovation ecosystem or growing science and technology-based companies or whatever […]

Why aren’t there more scalable entrepreneurs in Maine?

Here’s my question. MassChallenge, the renowned accelerator for start-ups in Boston recently announced its 2012 class of entrepreneurs – 125 companies selected from an applicant pool of 1237 from 35 counties and 36 state. Now, I know that they have a $1 million prize, so that obviously brings out a lot of folks, but 90 […]

JumpStart and Entrepreneurial Support in Maine

A recent article in Crain’s Cleveland Business raises some questions about JumpStart, the entrepreneurial advocate and venture development organization serving Northeast Ohio. JumpStart has received a lot of national attention lately, including a new initiative announced by President Obama called JumpStart America. Critics of the organization, led by three entrepreneurs who have failed to secure […]

Milken and other rankings of the states often obscure more than they inform

Recently the Milken Institute released their new 2010 Science and Technology Index ( Since the mid-2000s when the federal Office of Science and Technology Policy stopped producing its well-regarded report ranking the states on their place in the New Economy, both Milken and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) ( ), has released semi-annual […]