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My Jobs Plan

Producing a Jobs Plan is all the rage these days. President Obama’s is due this Thursday; several Republican candidates for governor have put forth their own plans. Organizations from all across the political spectrum are weighing in, fueled by stalling job creation numbers, and panic in the stock market. What’s missing is a reasoned approach, […]

R&D Bonds Are Important for Maine

I’m not one to carry a lot of household debt, so I understand the concerns of many Mainers that state government is using bonds to purchase things that are wants, not needs. However, I believe in using debt for purchases that will benefit my family in the long run, like our house or education. Similarly, […]

LD 22 Amending Maine’s Seed Capital Tax Credit

LD 22, “An Act to Improve the Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit,” is currently under consideration by the Joint Standing Committee on Taxation of the Maine State Legislature. This is the second attempt to get the Seed Capital Tax Credit amended in order to increase the availability of capital for fast-growing companies in Maine. Last […]