innovation engineering

Erick James Innovation Award

Yesterday, at the 6th annual Innovation Engineering Conference, I was touched to be included in a group of IE pioneers to be awarded the Erick James Innovation Award. Erick was a truly amazing innovator who passed away a number of years ago after a horrific car accident. Erick was one of those guys who was absolutely fearless when it came to innovation. No idea was too crazy to say out loud. No test was too difficult to try. No obstacle was too much to overcome.

I remember being on a team with him at a learning session. The goal was to create new ideas for a guitar maker. We came up with the idea of a guitar that would change its sound based on the type of music you were playing. The wild part was the prototype that Erick constructed in about five minutes to demonstrate the idea. He cobbled together his iPad, some cardboard for the neck of the guitar, and programmed the iPad to play different genres of music. It got the idea across and the client loved it! Most of the rest of us (including me) would have been fearful of showing the idea that way. Erick was triumphant instead.

IE teaches that meaningfully unique ideas, the big ones, come from stimulus (new information), leveraged by diversity, and undeterred by fear. Erick embodied that ideal, and taught us all so much. We miss him terribly.