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Communicating Science

“We believe that scientists have a responsibility to share the meaning and implications of their work, and that an engaged public encourages sound public decision-making.” That is the mission statement of the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University located on Long Island in New York. This program focuses on discovery and […]

Top Lessons Learned in 2014

I believe looking back always helps me move forward faster. With that in mind, I selected twelve lessons learned from my fellow Innovation Engineering Black Belts, month by month. Of course, there are many many more but here are twelve lessons that highlight the advantages of our innovation system. I predict that if you implement […]

Innovation Learnings from Juice 4.0

In mid-November, Cathy Renault and I made an innovation road trip to Rockland, Maine. We were invited to deliver a workshop at Juice 4.0. What a wicked cool name, as they say in Maine. Juice is a statewide conference for community leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, artists and innovators to connect, collaborate, and create opportunities for […]

The Power of Diversity

This week I was reminded of diversity’s value to innovation. As innovation engineering pioneers, we are taught that meaningfully unique ideas are a function of the amount and diversity of stimulus explored. Typically, we are considering diversity of thought – adding many new ideas to our innovation pipeline at the beginning to increase our chances […]

Reigniting Confidence

I am learning that one value an innovation engineering (IE) black belt coach provides is encouragement to chart new roads toward innovation. As coaches we provide the confidence to keep going especially when the death threats continue to outnumber the achievements. I am currently working on a project with an entrepreneur that is proving to […]

“Design Thinking” Ideas that Work for the Customer

Every day new ideas are hatched with the potential to change the world, new inventions poised to save the day and new concepts eager to be the next big fad. Almost all of these ideas do not live up to the originator’s dreams of success. This is true even in our top universities where many […]

Competitive Education for Today’s Job Market

The 2014 Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) Annual Conference was held in Pittsburgh during the first week of June. State economic development and labor research professionals shared best practices from around the country at the event. It was really three events: the C2ER Annual Conference, the LMI Institute Annual Forum, and the Projections […]

Meeting to Innovate

There is a saying among my circle of innovation friends.  We like to ask, “What did you learn?”  We ask this question after an idea session, following a training event, or even at the end of a long week. Here’s my answer from last week. I learned meetings are called to address problems. Now this […]

Going All In for Innovation

This week I ended something. You might say I failed in a huge way. And you know what, I could not be happier. I quit my job and it feels great. I quit my job to do more innovation engineering work. I believe in the cultural change that is upon us. I am compelled to […]