Free 3-part Video Series on Innovation-Based Economic Development

In the almost thirty years that I’ve been involved with innovation-based economic development, the field has continually gotten broader and more sophisticated. In the beginning, we focused on growing research and development in our states. Other organizations had the lead in supporting entrepreneurs. Few organizations thought about industry clusters, culture or workforce. Capital was always a concern, but very few organizations had their own funds to invest.

Today, all of these are part of innovation-based economic development, and many organizations, at the state, regional and local levels, are involved in all of them. It makes for a complex field, especially for those who come to it from other endeavors.

How does a person who is new to the field get up to speed? There are great conferences, usually once a year. A few training classes exist, if you have a week of free time and the budget to travel out of state. Or, you can go online.

This week, we are launching a free series of 3 online videos to help people get up to speed in innovation-based economic development. These videos answer questions we get asked all the time, and will enable you to make some first-level progress on bring innovation and entrepreneurship strategies to your community. We hope you will join us! Sign up here to get all 3 videos delivered to your inbox starting June 5! Click HERE.

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