Science and Technology Got It Right

In the past week, we’ve seen the awesome potential of nature with a solar eclipse and now a historic flooding event. Here in Brunswick, we also had the Blue Angels flying overhead at the Air Show on the weekend. The former two events were predicted by science; the latter is enabled by technology (and some incredibly skilled pilots). So, it’s cool to believe in science and technology right now, after a period where many felt under siege.

One of my cousins (a Texan, by the way), informed me earlier this month that climate change was real, but there was no evidence that humans caused it. For the sake of peace in the family, I didn’t quote him chapter and verse of the evidence that has lead 98% of scientists to disagree with him. “Scientists can be wrong,” he said. But guess what. They’re much more often right. That’s the whole point of the scientific method and peer review – to keep getting better at our understanding of what’s going on around us.

While we support our fellow citizens in Texas in their time of need (and try to forget that Texans legislators voted against support for the victims of Hurricane Sandy), let’s also hope for renewed belief in the importance of science and technology.

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