Chville on my mind

It so happens that I’m in Charlottesville, VA today, just a few days after the horrific violence here, and the same day as the memorial service for Heather Heyers, the woman who was run down by an alt-right protester. The mood down here on the Downtown Mall is somber. Lots of people are wearing purple, Heather’s favorite color. There are flowers in profusion at the spot where she died; and signs in most every store window: “heart” Heather and “heart” Chville.

The good news seems to be that this event has once again brought people together in a common vision of what’s morally right and wrong. It’s too bad, however, that we can’t seem to remember these lessons collectively for very long, as we also seem incapable of addressing the issues that lead people to the conclusion that hate is the only solution to their problems.

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