Innovation Policy

Innovation Policyworks performs economic research on topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship, such as cluster studies and technology asset inventories. Our 25 years of experience in technology-based economic development, mostly in rural states, means we can find the data that will help you make better decisions about strategy and tactics for your region.

economic research

Evaluation of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Programs

Innovation Policyworks provides evaluation of state and federal investments in innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development programs. Our award winning evaluation methods are rigorous, but pragmatic. We have managed programs like yours, so we understand what you are doing and why. We have over fifteen years of experience in evaluation and have presented our findings to legislators, Boards and other stakeholders.

evaluation of innovation

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Innovation Policyworks provides unique strategic planning services, based deeply on data and benchmarks to anchor the plan in reality, but also imbued with fresh methods to stimulate creative thinking. This process produces a living document that can be implemented, rather than sits on a shelf. It also produces buy-in because diversity of ideas and contributions are welcomed. Our specialties are entrepreneurship programs and technology transfer.

strategic planning services